January Home Edit

When January rolls around we are all feeling ready to purge and organize. This can be extremely overwhelming for some so I like to think of it as a January home edit instead of a full organization overhaul. One of the most important things to remember is to start small.  I like to take individual drawers or shelves and give them an edit.  I do this in a few quick steps.

1. I remove everything from the drawer or shelf and then clean it well.  My handheld Dyson vacuum comes in handy here.

2. I take a minute to think about how I want to use that space before adding anything back. Some items might no longer fit there or are used somewhere else. I love to shop my own home to freshen things up.

3. I keep it simple and add items that I use back into the space.  For example, the image above is a little bookshelf nook in one of our bathrooms.  I keep it pretty and functional by adding items I use daily like folded hand towels, tissues in a pretty tissue holder, perfume, and some fresh flowers.

Drawers are another area I like to get organized in January. I go through and toss any spices that are expired and take note of what I’m running low on. I go through my linens and take out any that are looking worn. You can see how I like to keep my linens organized and ready directly on LTK.

If you’re looking for more ways to organize your home, I pulled together how I keep us organized in this blog post and how I keep our entry table styled and organized here. Best of luck in your own January home edit!

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