Classic Wardrobe Pieces from Sézane

I had to make room in my closet for a new brand that I absolutely love. I have added several classic wardrobe pieces from Sézane. They are a high-quality French brand that can be worn forever. It is luxury quality at attainable prices. From their stunning dresses and cozy sweaters, to their chic jackets and blouses; Sézane’s collections are a staple in any wardrobe. I adore how their pieces are fashionable and versatile, making them perfect for any occasion.

Whether I’m dressing up for a fancy dinner or running errands on a lazy Sunday, Sézane has something for every mood and style. The attention to detail and quality of their clothing is unparalleled, and I appreciate how they prioritize sustainability in their production process. Knowing that I’m investing in pieces that are both stylish and environmentally conscious gives me an added sense of satisfaction. The items ship out so fast so you won’t have to wait long for your order. One of the best parts is when your package arrives in a beautiful box that has clearly been packaged with care.

Shopping at Sézane
Each month, Sézane releases a new collection on Sundays at 9:30 am Paris time, which means 2:30 am CST. As it is such a popular brand, items tend to sell out in sizes fairly quickly. If you see something you want in the new collection, set your alarm! They preview the pieces in the collection ahead of time so you get a sense of the new collection. Their social media is very well curated and you may find yourself wanting all the new pieces!

While I haven’t been to any of the Appartements, as they call them, I hear the stores are stunning. Sarah has been to the flagship Paris store, London’s Notting Hill boutique, and the one in New York. She even did a private shopping experience in Paris! Sézane is known for its knitwear and every location has a beautiful wall of sweaters that are color-coordinated. It looks so dreamy! Luckily for us, they recently announced they’re opening a Chicago location. We’ve already talked about making a trip up there to shop in person.

Favorite Bottoms

Favorite Blouses & Tops

Favorite Sweaters

Favorite Coats & Accessories

Sézane‘s Sizing

As it is a French brand, Sézane sizing differs from US sizing. Overall, the sizing does run smaller than American sizes. Don’t worry if something doesn’t fit – you can always return it. One thing I have found super helpful is that each item gives direction with sizing and whether or not you should order a size up or down. They say that they use American sizing for denim but I found that they still ran small.

The minimum order with Free Shipping from France is $200, so if you are unsure about sizing, you can order two sizes and see what works best. However, be cautious of your overall value as when shipping items from outside the States, you’ll be subject to customs charges. Anything over $800 will be subject to this fee. If you’re close to that number, split up your order over a few days to avoid these hefty charges. Things can quickly add up if you’re ordering a few sizes of multiple items.

There are so many beautiful classic wardrobe pieces from Sézane that would make an excellent addition to any closet. These are pieces that you’ll have for years to come due to the high quality of each piece. I hope you find that special item that your closet has been missing!

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