Pantry Organization 101

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On the weekends I like to take the opportunity to organize my cabinetry and storage spaces in my home. Recently I started extending this service to my clients! I owe the love and discovery of perfectly organized beautiful spaces to my mother. So who better than to bring on site to help organize a client’s pantry than her! And let me tell you, she knocked it out of the park. The client actually asked her to come back and do more! Here are a few tips to keep in mind when organizing your pantry!


pantry organization


1. Keep all like items together

2. Use baskets, bins, and glass jars to corral items. Turntables are great for condiments and canned goods.

3. Keep snacks within reach for little hands. Here we organized choices in baskets.

4. Store cereal, cookies, and candy in glass canisters (with lids that seal!)

5. We organized all back stock into bins and kept paper towels high but in reach for easy clean up.

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